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matt set D

matt set D

- a bunch of matt stuff for a 20% off discount compared to the original price total!!


- this set contains:

- 2x A4 prints ("matt bag" and "matt choco box")

- 2x holographic postcards ("matt car" and "matt street")

- 1x star holographic button pin ("matt cigarettes")

- 2x prismatic die cut stickers ("matt bag" and "matt choco box"


- sets are great if you wanna get a bunch of different stuff!

- there are no overlapping items in any of the sets available, so you can even get two or more sets without worrying about repeat items! however you might get for example the same illustration as a print in a set and as a holographic postcard in another one, please look at the sets carefully if that concerns you

- fanart of matt from death note

    $38.60 Regular Price
    $30.88Sale Price
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