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matt aurora keychain

matt aurora keychain

-  acrylic keychain with aurora shift finish with 3 matching pendants (3 stars) hand attached by me

- there's a 20% off deal for all keychains when purchasing 3 or more! just add them to your cart and the discount applies automatically! (9.2USD each)

- the aurora effect on the acrylic changes color depending on the lighting (blue-purple-orange-pink-yellow-green)

- double sided

- extra shiny epoxy coating on one side

- gold star clasp 

- the defect of the B grades of this product is the fact that the colors have a noticeable darkened look, please check the 6th slide for more info + A grade comparison 

- fanart of matt from death note

- size: 8.9cm, 3.5 inches


* About B grades: B grades are products with a small degree of defects which don’t meet my standards(A grade), so I am offering them for a lower price. Please take note that by purchasing a B grade product you are accepting its visibly imperfect state.

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